What was your weirdest Christmas gift ever?


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When I was about 15, my parents walked into my room while I was asleep, saying, "Merry Christmas!", and placed a pack of Gatorade and pair of Joe Boxer pajama pants on the floor. We're a family that can't spend much, so I wasn't expecting any presents.
十五岁那年,我爸妈在我睡觉时走进我房间说:“圣诞快乐!”然后把一盒佳得乐饮料还有一条Joe Boxer的睡裤放在地板上。我们一家并不宽裕,所以我之前并没有期待过什么礼物。

I thought that was the oddest pair of presents that I had ever received, but I was happy because I loved Gatorade, haha.

I'm 22 now, and this memory still continues to make me smile.


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Mine was a coat hanger. A simple coat hanger. My cousin gave it to me. When she left I couldn't stop laughing.


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I used to get the weirdest Christmas gifts from my Dad and stepmom. Once I got a half-full jar of rubbing alcohol and a half-full bag of cotton swabs. A year later I got used KangaRoos tennis shoes that had dirt caked in the treads and a used Kleenex wadded up into the zipper pocket. They were size 6 and my feet were 9.5.

More typical were things my stepmom wrapped up after cleaning the garage, or the "free gifts" she got with her Avon orders, so stuff like a Chapstick being "hugged" by a tiny koala in a Santa hat, or a trial size of "Silicone Glove" moisturizer stuffed into a snowman's asshole.
还有更多这样的东西,比如我继母在清理车库后打包的东西,或是她买雅芳产品是时的“赠品”,比如抱着一支无色唇膏的小考拉装在圣诞帽里,或是塞在雪人屁眼里的Silicone Glove润肤膏试用装。

Once I got a box of dirt, which was confusing but by then I was inured to strange and undazzling gifts. However, apparently there were daffodil bulbs in the dirt. Well, okay then.


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An edited father's day card from my friend!