We get it, you bake a practically award-winning pie every Thanksgiving. Well, we're here to tell you that you can make it even better this year. Need proof?

The popular Thanksgiving dessert is good enough on its own, but an extra layer of aesthetic design gives a festive boost. So skip the typical pie crust top and incorporate some interesting shapes. Leaves, hearts, roses, you name it – and it can probably be on your pie.

If you're feeling ambitious this holiday season and want to outdo yourself yet again, try one of these amazing pie designs below. They're so pretty, you won't want to eat'em – but please, eat them.

1. Lattice

2. Mini Apple Roses

3. Large Apple Rose

4. Flowers

5. Dots

6. A Pile of Leaves

7. Hearts

8. Words

9. The American Flag

10. Rice Krispie Top

11. Geometric Shapes

12. Berry Topped

13. Fall Themed

14. Pecan Topped

15. Funfetti

16. Leaves

17. Leaves