The day before Mother's Day this year, police received a call from a wife frantic because her husband, who suffers Alzheimer's disease, had gone missing from the Little Rock, Arkansas home.

Police found Melvin Amrine two blocks from their home, unable to tell officers where he lives.

However, he wasn't confused as to where he was going: he was buying his wife Doris flowers for Mother's Day, as he had every year since she had given birth to their first child.

Melvyn Amrine has been slowly deteriorating since he was diagnosed with the condition three years ago.

His wife has become her husband's carer, watching helplessly as the cruel disease steals her husband's memories and personality away from him.

Officers radioed dispatch to say they would take the elderly man straight home - but Melvyn Amrine was having none of that.

'He was pretty adamant,' Officer Troy Dillard told CBS. 'He wasn't going home until he got those flowers,' Officer Brian Grigsby said.

'That's what he wanted. He wanted flowers for his wife, because tomorrow was Mother's Day.'

So the officers decided to help Melvyn Amrine achieve his goal, secretly stopping in at a local supermarket and helping him select a bouquet of beautiful cream-colored roses.

'We had to get those flowers,' Grigsby says. 'We had to get them. I didn't have a choice.'
“我们必须弄到那些鲜花,” 警官格雷斯比说,“我们必须买到鲜花交到他手中,别无选择。”

The kind officers even " class="hjdict" word="surreptitiously" target=_blank>surreptitiously slipped the cashier some extra bills when Melvyn couldn't cover the tab.

A frantic Doris Amrine was relieved when she saw her husband of 60 years walking up their front stairs in the company of the police officers, but her relief turned to joy when he presented her with the carefully selected bouquet.

'As he came up those steps, and I saw those roses and the smile on his face, I just broke inside,' Doris told CBS. 'I just said, thank you, thank you. Because I saw his heart.'

'It's special, because even though the mind doesn't remember everything, the heart remembers.'