If you wanna a aimless journey, just set off now. You can ignore the next 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Bon voyage.

I wanna tell the remain how to get a fantastic, ecnomic, and substantial journey with full space.

The answer is simple. A fine travel guide will be ok. But the complicated part is how to have one.

You can talk to friends who have such experience, but they could not have been to the place you wanna go. You may type the key words in the search engine and put the pieces together from plenty of travel notes. However, you have to spend time, try your luck, and take some risks. If there is a word to describe all these methods, that would be unprofessional, which is also called no-good.

The best must be the simplest. It could be much simpler if you just visit the website@ and click the link of “travel guide”. Then you will see more than 20 thousand travel guides which covers 8362 destinations from 218 regions all over the country as well as 12561 destinations from 7 continents. If your destinations is within the range, you can definitely find your travel guide here.

Now, you may get a question: for a website with simple structure, is it able to collect large amount of travel information?

No, they cann’t do that. Even though all the staff are sent to travel.

They write the travel guides.
This guy wrote the diving part in Maldives travel guide.
The kawaii girl wrote the trafic part in Taiwan travel guide.
He updated the exit procedure in Eygpt travel guide.
She wrote the accommdation part in Gulangyu travel guide.
And this young man wrote the leech part in Motuo footing travel guide.

Although the staff don’t go out, there must be travellers going out among 2 million users everyday. The website just need to combine the travellers and make fine and cute travel guides.

On the other hand, users gather in this community and have fun. They share experience at the speed of 1200 notes per day. They participate others’ journey at the speed of 15 thousand replies per day. So how powerful is the journey, the travel guide will be so.

Yeap, visit , get your travel guide.