How can you stop your addiction to sugar?


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I am so proud to be able to write this answer today.

My biggest vice is processed sugar, particularly chocolate. As part of my ‘Sexy by June’ challenge (and my general health), I knew I had to clean up my diet.

I tried in November. I failed.

I tried in December. I failed.

I tried in January. I failed.

But I had been going about it the wrong way. In February, I decided that I would abide by one simple rule — if I wanted something sugary, I would make it a sugar-free version of it myself, from scratch. I first started with chocolate desserts:

Low-carb mousse with double whipped cream and 100% cocoa:
低碳水化合物的慕斯,含有双倍生奶油和100% 的可可:

Low-carb red kidney bean brownies with 100% cocoa and cream cheese
低碳水化合物的红芸豆饼,含有100% 的可可和奶油芝士

And then I found myself craving chocolate less and less, so I moved on to non-chocolate desserts:

Low-carb cinnamon cookies with 100% cocoa in cream and cashew milk.

Low-carb carrot cupcakes

Tofu bread with sesame seeds, crushed walnuts and chia seeds

And then soon after I stopped craving even those, so I turned my attention to savoury baking – this was a low carb cheese, mushroom and spinach pie made with cream cheese, almond flour, feta and mozzarella.

I started off wanting to quit processed sugar and ended up developing a massive love for baking. This would have been virtually unthinkable a year ago.

But it worked. I now have a freezer full of frozen desserts that I’m not eating, and I find that with every new thing I make, I crave sugar less and less. I think that the crucial factor in this is that I wasn’t restricting myself, so I never felt like my favourite desserts were in any way made scarce.

And the fact that I stopped consuming sugar altered my taste buds completely. I had been going sugar free for so long (and using 100% cocoa with only the tiniest bit of stevia if anything) that going back to the real thing was unbearable. When my best friend and I went to a cocktail bar and I couldn’t even handle the first sip of the cocktail because my mouth burned with sharp, unfamiliar sweetness and my teeth hurt after.
我戒掉了糖也彻底改变了自己的味蕾,这么久不吃含糖食品(有时100% 的可可里只加最少量的甜叶菊)了再吃真正含糖的东西都受不了。我和最好的朋友去鸡尾酒吧,刚开始只是抿了一小口鸡尾酒我都受不了,我的嘴被那种很冲的不熟悉的甜味灼烧着,后来牙也疼了。

So how did I overcome my sugar addiction? Very ironically, by learning to bake.