It was Meghan Markle's biggest day – so far.
这是梅根·马克尔(Meghan Markle)有生以来最重要的一天。

The American actress has become the first fiancee to join the Royal Family at Sandringham for Christmas - and marked the occasion by playfully sticking out her tongue in front of adoring crowds and performing a curtsy for The Queen.
美国演员梅根是第一位以未婚妻身份参加英国王室 圣诞节桑德灵厄姆教堂服务的人,对女王行了屈膝礼,也对着前来瞻仰的人群调皮地吐了吐舌头。

Meghan, 36, clutched on to her Royal beau Prince Harry and proudly displayed the engagement ring that he designed before their engagement in November.

Christmas Day at Sandringham is one of the big draws of the festive season and some had queued since before dawn to catch a glimpse.

Many royal fans were keen to see the Queen after she missed last year's service with a heavy cold. But numbers were no doubt swelled by the prospect of seeing Miss Markle, 36, who is due to marry Prince Harry at Windsor on May 19.

Fortunately for her, other young royals were there to whisper some friendly advice. As they left the church, William and Harry could be seen chivalrously guiding Miss Markle through what was to come next.

Harry gesticulated towards the waiting crowds, with whom they would be expected to chat to as they walked back up to the main house.

Miss Markle could be clearly seen to nod thoughtfully and mouth 'yes' in reply to the prince. She had, unusually for a royal fiancee, been invited by the Queen to join the official festivities.

At 91, the monarch is much more relaxed about protocol these days, and genuinely delighted to see her grandson so happy.