Is it possible to eat a lot without getting fat?


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Yes, of course. Here’s how you do it.

You have to prioritize low energy density foods. Energy density can be described as how much energy a certain food contains per gram of food.

Low energy density foods are foods which contain fewer calories per gram. For example vegetables, fruit, lean protein (like skinless chicken breast, non-fat fish, egg whites etc.).

On the other end of the spectrum foods, high energy density foods are nuts (and butter made from nuts like peanut butter, almond butter), seeds, fattier cuts of meat, whole milk and products made from whole meat.

Prioritizing foods high in fiber is also important because fiber is very filling. I have already mentioned some higher fibrous foods like fruits and veggies. Good options would also be legumes.

Eat enough protein as well, as protein is the most filling out of the three macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates).

Remember, energy balance is still key. Even if you implement all of the above strategies and eat over your daily energy needs you will gain weight so be careful.


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My everyday calories are between 2500–3000 and on weekends I’d even splurge to 6000 calories. All year round I stay between 10-12% body fat at about 75 kg. So yes, it is damn well possible to eat a lot without getting fat. I’ve experimented with all sorts of diets, and found that the only one that’s sustainable is going carb-less, and high on proteins and fats.

Biology of Fat Loss

Most people think that eating fats will make you fat. Carbs, and not fats, make you gain weight.

Carbs = carbohydrates = naturally occurring carbs + added sugar carbs

You are allowed to eat all of these – as much as you want:

1.All Meats – No meat is superior or inferior to another. Chicken, beef, fish, mutton, pork. At least twice a day.

2.All Vegetables – Just like meats, no veg is superior or inferior to another.

3.All Daals (lentils and legumes) – Lentils and legumes are a great source of both proteins and natural carbs that don’t spike the blood sugar.

4.All Nuts – For your munching habits, you will have to shift you from Lays and Pringles to Nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, etc.)

5.All kinds of Oils and Butter – Finally someone is telling you not to care about how much oil there is in your meal.

6.Eat everything on Cheat Day – No restrictions on this day. Eat fast food, drink alcohol, eat biryani – whatever makes you feel good.

Our body can store just as much extra calories in the form of fat in a day. All the excess calories you will eat will be excreted out so don’t worry about eating a lot.