What Is The Most Difficult Dish A Chef Can Produce?


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I have 15 years experience in the restaurant.

It depends on his or her’s skill level. I’m a chef, and I can make a Turducken:

Even for the keenest of chef’s, Fugu would be fairly high up the list of difficult dishes to produce.

But then look at what you get: This is Fugu sashimi. Even the presentation looks difficult to master properly.


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Making layered cakes with three types of frosting is not easy at all.

Salt-Crusted Fish. Despite an entire fish being covered in salt like someone being buried in sand at the beach, the plated result is not overly salted. But, if you don't pack the salt and egg white mixture tight enough, you risk salt crystals leaking into the fish as it cooks and when you break into the shell, creating an almost unbearable flavor.

Macarons. Not only are macarons challenging to perfectly execute, but if you make them in a city with so much humidity, like Houston, you're going to have a much more difficult time. Even if the weather is perfect, things can easily go awry.


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A terrine. There's a test you can take to become what's known as a certified master chef of which there's only about 300 in the world. A lot of them passed that test by making a terrine.

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This is not fake, its real bio light in the food. And this is a sphere made of sugar and water, with ice-cream, flowers and lots of shit inside.