Is Bill Gates underrated when compared to Steve Jobs?

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Without a doubt.

For starters Bill Gates is the richest person on the planet despite the fact he has not worked for decades. This is a testimony to enormous economic value he created.  Microsoft is principally the reason for the commoditization and realization of the computing age.

Gates is the number one humanitarian on the planet.  He not only has donated his wealth to the planet but has used his personal integrity and intellect to convince others such as Warren Buffet (the 2nd richest person in the world)  to do the same.  The fact that others are willing to trust Gates with their vast wealth and life's legacy demonstrates that Gates is uniquely skilled and talented.  Gates has social intellect to change the world and the course of history.  Gates did the same with Microsoft, he designed and created the mechanism.

Do people forget how Gates bailed out and saved Apple 15 or so years ago ?  Gates is not petty or vindictive.  He helped a competitor and associate Jobs because he understands the value of building relationships.

Gates has grown and transformed his entire being with purpose and intent for decades.  Yes the Bill Gates of the early '80s was not a patron saint but he was smart enough to grow and change.

Gates is a very, very smart person.  I have taken courses from a few Nobel prize winners and the common observation about brilliant people is that they do not flout their intelligence.  It is immaterial to them that they are the smartest in the room.  Intelligence is a tool, a means to a greater end, not a grand prize for superiority.  Gates in fact would be deserving of the Nobel peace prize.

Gates is not interested keeping score.  Motivation based solely on competition only goes so far.  In the end making a lasting difference in the world is all that matters. Everything else is transient.

Yes Gates is underrated.  He does not really care as long it does not interfere with his attempt to change the course of history.  Yes as capitalism has created an enormous imbalance of wealth, Gates is designing a permanent mechanism to remedy this structural flaw by willingly redistributing wealth.  Nothing like the richest person in the world leading by humble example.