A six-year-old primary school pupil is giving the stars of The Apprentice a run for their money, with her flourishing sweet shop business.

While contestants of the BBC television show failed to impress in one of the episodes with their confectionery brand, which was criticized for having too many product offerings, little Mollie Price has concentrated on British sweets and American candy.

She is now celebrating the launch of her third shop called 'Mollie's' in the Welsh market town of Welshpool.

In recognition of her business achievements she has been declared one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the UK.

With the help of her mother Becky, she recently opened her third store in Shrewsbury’s Pride Hill Shopping Centre to add to two existing branches on Welshpool High Street and in Newtown’s Bear Lanes Shopping Centre.

Her mother says Mollie - who organises and selects all of the stock for each of the branches - is now determined to expand her empire.

Becky said: 'It might sound crazy but believe Mollie is the real brains behind the operation. It was Mollie’s idea to set up the shop. She used to love going to pic n mix places and saw there was a gap in the market for it.'

'She works in one of the stores on Saturday and wakes up at 5am every Sunday ready to go to our wholesale suppliers in Birmingham to restock. She asks her friends to test the sweets to decide which ones are good.

'She has plans to expand the business and we might be setting up a new store. She’s definitely leaning towards a career in business and she has plans to take over the sweet shops when she’s older. It’s been a great learning experience for her.'

Honouring her favourite film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mollie has included a plethora of Wonka products. And at the entrance to the shops are two large tin soldiers standing guard named after her two brothers Alfie and George.

Becky adds: 'If she doesn’t think an idea will work she will say so. By listening to Mollie we are making sure our shops appeal to all ages.

'She came up with the idea of a temperature chart on the wall so if it’s really cold we sell our Mr Whippy ice creams cheaper than when it’s hot outside.'