There were many stories in 2011 that strengthened our faith in the beauty of mankind. But while some we’ve know, others never made headlines. CCTV has chosen 10 recipients of its "Moving China" award.

Among them are a prestigious scientist who helped strengthen his nation, a grass roots government official who made personal sacrifices for the livelihood of his people, and Alim, a Xinjiang kebab vendor who donates all his earning to poor students.

Others include Wu Juping, the year’s "most beautiful mother," who caught a child falling from a balcony, and the armless pianist Liu Wei. First held in 2002, the "Moving China" award ceremony is now an annual event widely anticipated by the public.


Moving China:感动中国
grass roots:草根,基层
kebab vendor:烤肉小贩
award ceremony:颁奖典礼
annual event:年度盛事