China is expected to suffer through the most severe power shortage since 2004, this Summer. So the State Grid Corporation, held an earlier-than-normal nationwide video conference today (Monday). The state-owned power distributor was mulling ways to make supply meet demand.

Facing the worst power shortage in 7 years, China is beefing up efforts to step up power supply. The annual video conference preparing for the summer peak season, convened key power suppliers across the country. An official from the State Grid, the country's dominant electricity distributor, says a key task is to strengthen electricity transmission.

Yin Changxin, Director of Department of Safety Supervision & Quality, State Grid said "The State Grid Corporation will enhance its power transmission capacity among different regions. We will also strengthen safety checks of grid equipment, and improve efficiency of power distribution. "

The country may face a summer electricity shortage of 30 gigawatts, as supply lags behind demand growth. Some eastern provinces are struggling to cope with the increasing electricity demand, and rotating power supply among factories. This is partly due to China's economic restructuring.

Yin Changxin said "China is experiencing relative fast economic growth. The demand for electricity is robust. However, the country is also under pressure to reduce energy consumption in economic restructuring. The supply demand ratio is quite tight. "

The company will also make all efforts to guarantee smooth operation of new energy technologies like wind power. New energy sources have received huge investment, but so far contributed limited amounts of installed power due to technical restraints.


suffer through:忍受,遭受
power shortage:电力短缺
State Grid Corporation:国家电网公司
nationwide video conference:全国视频会议
beef up:加强,增援
peak season:旺季
electricity transmission:电力输送
grid equipment:电网设备
power distribution:配电
economic restructuring:经济结构调整
smooth operation:平稳运转
huge investment:巨额投资
installed power:装机功率