A renewed nostalgia for old-timey pop music has swept the pop scene in the Chinese mainland. A flurry of concerts will be held paying tribute to the golden hits of past decades. The trend was kicked off by the Rock Records 30th anniversary concert held recently.

Now, let's see what shows Beijing will see in May.

The pop concert "Glorious Days" will be held at Beijing's Olympic venue -- the Wukesong Basketball Gymnasium on Friday. The concert will salute the past 20 years of Chinese rock and roll. Helmed by three leading bands -- "Tang Dynasty" and "Black Leopard" from the Mainland and "Beyond" from Hong Kong, the concert will kick off their 18-month tour of 26 concerts in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore and Vancouver.

Folk Musician Dao Lang will hold a concert in Beijing next Saturday to mark the tenth anniversary of his professional career. The singer, who is known for modern rock adaptations of western Chinese folk songs became an instant star in 2002 after he released his first album "The First Snows of 2002".

For those fans of opera and classical music, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli will sing out his classical and popular songs for the Beijing fans at the Bird's Nest for two nights next Friday and Saturday. Bocelli will sing well-known classics, such as "Nessun Dorma", "O Sole Mio" and "Time To Say Goodbye".


pop scene:流行乐坛
golden hits:金曲
Rock Records 30th anniversary concert:滚石唱片30周年演唱会
Glorious Days:光辉岁月
the Wukesong Basketball Gymnasium:五棵松篮球馆
rock and roll:摇滚乐
professional career:职业生涯
folk songs:民歌
the Bird's Nest:鸟巢
Nessun Dorma:今夜无人入眠
O Sole Mio:可爱的阳光