Little Mix band members Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson banked a whopping £700,000 in the past year, after the millions they raked in for their tour.

Little Mix组合成员杰德·瑟尔沃尔、佩瑞·爱德华兹和杰西·尼尔森在过去一年里存款高达70万英镑,此前她们巡回演出赚了几百万。

The girls- minus Leigh-Anne Pinnock- all set up private companies registered in their first and second names.


The Sun reports Companies House show Jade, 27, was the top earner, with her firm banking £312,959 in accounts dated 31 March 2020.

据报道, 英国工商局显示,27岁的杰德赚钱最多,2020年3月31日她的公司账户上存入312,959英镑。

Meanwhile, Perrie, 27, made a profit of £179,508 after deductions were made for bills of her £239,945 she banked for her company Perrie Louise.

同时27岁的佩瑞为自己的Perrie Louise公司存入239,945英镑,扣除欠款后,利润为179,508英镑 。

Jesy, 29, made a £91,209 profit after banking £144,623.


Collectively, the firms, set up in 2018, brought in £700,000 over the past year but £200,000 of that had to be used to pay bills.


Last year the girls celebrated banking a staggering £9million.


The band have been crowned X Factor's richest winners, as each member of the quartet are said to have earned £1.6 million each. 


Little Mix doubled their earnings last year from 1.74 million in 2017 to £3.93 million.

Little Mix去年收入翻倍,从2017年的174万英镑提高到了393万英镑。

Their tour company is said to have profits of £5million, bringing their total earnings to £8.93 million in 2018.