Harry and Meghan created a separate royal website (which ends with a dot-com domain, not a dot-uk) that details the changes in funding they’ll receive in their new positions as non-working royals. For those unfamiliar with how royal finances work, it can sound pretty complicated.

As senior royals, Harry and Meghan disclosed that they have two streams of funding: 5 percent from something called the Sovereign Grant and 95 percent from Prince Charles’s (Harry’s father) private estate, the Duchy of Cornwall. Currently, the couple is prohibited from earning any type of income, and they don’t benefit from their charitable work.

The couple said they will no longer receive the Sovereign Grant, which is a fund that supports members of the royal family’s official residences and workspaces. Money for the grant comes from the profits from the Crown Estate, which is basically a public real estate portfolio owned by the queen. The queen annually receives 15 percent of the Crown Estate profits for her use (for example, funding the Sovereign Grant), and the rest goes to the UK Treasury.

By opting out of the Sovereign Grant, the couple appears to be cutting off direct financial ties to Buckingham Palace. Still, they have plenty of other revenue streams, including money from Charles’s estate portfolio.

“Harry inherited half of the approximately £21 million from his mother, which included the divorce settlement [from Prince Charles] and the £5 million from [Princess Diana’s] father after his death,” Koenig said, adding that the money is “probably well-invested.” Meghan, too, likely has her own investments from her work as an actress and lifestyle blogger.

Royals expert Kristen Meinzer told me that she estimates Harry and Meghan have a net worth of about £29 million to £40 million. “As for how they’ll make money going forward, I like to look to the Obamas for inspiration,” she said. “I’m guessing these will be charitable endeavors, media endeavors, and lots of book offers.”
王室专家Kristen Meinzer告诉我她估计哈里和梅根净资产约为2900万至4000万英镑。她说:“至于他们未来靠什么赚钱,我觉得可以从奥巴马夫妇身上获得一些灵感。我猜他们将靠慈善事业、在媒体上亮相、多出书来赚钱。”