How can I stay calm in difficult situations?


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MS Dhoni was once asked by a student How does he manage to be calm in the exam hall just before the exam. It was during the promotions of the Movie MS Dhoni: The untold story. We all know how calm and focused our captain cool is.

Here is exactly what Dhoni has replied.

““I think when you get the question paper in the exam, it’s already too late. You know, because if you have studied whole year then you must have remembered all the answers. You may miss few but ultimately, you can write answers. That is why, whenever I visit to a school and interact with the students, I have always said that it is important to be attentive in everyday class, study a bit every day. Not like, study in last two months like hell and do nothing rest of 9 or 10 months of the year.”

This was followed by a personal experience of Dhoni which includes a very interesting story about his school  days.

“Talking about my own life and relating the same with me, I think during the class 12th as you can see that in the trailer as well. We had a match and I was very hesitant in talking to my father. My mother had agreed to it but how to make my father, understand, that there is an exam but I have a match to play before that and just after the completion of the exam, I have to take a train to play another match and only then I will come back. So finally, after collecting some courage I went to my father and explained the scenario,” Dhoni said.

Dhoni’s father answered to him in a witty way, “My father answered it very calmly by saying that, son, if you have studied hard the whole year then one day won’t affect much and if you haven’t studied the whole year then still it won’t affect much. So, go and play.”

This may not exactly sound like staying calm in difficult situations but what is important here is the context of the scenario. Difficult situations test your patience and your will power to stay focused. Whatever harm was about to happen it will happen anyway. You won’t get a say about that. What you can do is make the best of what is in your hands. Stay focused and keep doing what you would have done anyway. Prepare yourself for the worst and face the consequences of your choices with a smile on your face.

As a wise man has said… “With great difficult situation comes great opportunity”. ( Please do not ask who is that wise man :p).