How do you become confident if you are a very shy person?


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1.I really desired confidence and was ready to give anything to have it- it all starts with this burning desire to want to be something more. I was going to be confident no matter what or I die trying!

2.I read lots of books on self-confidence and motivation alone- I have a lot of knowledge now that all came together from a large amount of books. When you combine the ideas from a wide range of authors, you get something better.

3.I stayed away from them- you know them right? All those negative people who see the world as a prison, those who only spreads epic awfulness everywhere, all those who always make you feel uncomfortable and undervalued. In short, I ran away from them. I changed where I lived and my life got better….

4.I got support- I had my uncle family who helped me through it and several friends I met at seminars and workshops.

5.I made my decisions final- the thing with shyness is that you make decisions to act and then you break it. Meanwhile, each time you break this little commitments, your self esteem drops. What I did was to make my decisions final. I don't say I want to approach a girl and back out. No. I made sure I was forced to act every time.

6.I acted it out like Hollywood- It's really true that if you just start smiling and walking like a superman like I did then,you'd get superconfident in no time. I remember how I suddenly start speaking slowly, walking deliberately and always having that cool smile on. I'll maintain eye contact with everyone and spread out. With time I became addicted to this confidence acting. It became part of me.

7.I started living with purpose- I realize I've really been on a high self esteem lately because of the control I bring to my life. I live everything in my life to purpose. Simply because I have goals in every aspect of my life and I've made the agreement to do my best in every situation. I've been sleeping better and my self love and self respect as been higher than ever. I don't blame myself for any mistakes because I know I did my best. I'm always glad with myself. This is the holy grail of self confidence and self esteem for me.

So now I am feeling so happy.