What's your lame superpower?


获得1.6k好评的 @Ellen Vrana:

I have an insane sense of smell. Like a basset hound. I’m like a 5ft basset hound.

- I can walk into a room blindfolded and tell you who is there, by scent.
- 我可以被蒙住眼睛走进一个房间,并通过香味告诉你谁在那里。

- Wet dogs, body odor, perfume, cigarettes, and diapers actually make me vomit. I can't ride on public transportation without an emergency bag.
- 湿狗、体味、香水、香烟和尿布真的能让我吐出来。我不能不带呕吐袋就去乘坐公共交通。

- I can tell when my husband has opened whisky bottle from 2 floors and 5 rooms away.
- 我能从2层楼和5个房间之外就闻出我老公打开了一瓶威士忌。

- I can smell farts a few minutes before anyone else can. And if you burp in my face, I will slap you.
- 如果一个屁已经消散了,别人都闻不到,但我还能闻几分钟。如果你在我的脸上打嗝,我会抽你。


获得820好评的 @Avantika Jakati

I can prevent people from getting bitten by mosquitoes by just being present within a 5 metre radius of them.

This is simply because all the mosquitoes bite me instead. I am a super mosquito attractor. I am bitten by mosquitoes that appear out of nowhere when I am around.


获得355好评的 @Kaushik Sunder

I have a really lame superpower. I can remember Phone numbers really well. I had a habit of never storing anyone's number with their name. Everyday I used to just go through the contacts book and play this game of remembering the numbers.


获得26.3k好评的 @Sachin R Kamath

I can take any photograph and create an exact replica of it on a sheet of paper, using just pencils.

Why spend 6 bloody hours drawing while I can just convert the original photo into monochrome using any photo editing tool you ask?

Because I can.


获得170好评的 @Anshu Negi

Mirror Writing

Yes, that's my lame superpower.

I can write like that, effortlessly from right to left. I don't have to imagine the orientation of any of the letters, it's like its been fed into my brain cells.