Here are a few career-damaging statements to avoid.
1. At 8 a.m. Monday morning, walking into the office
1. 周一早上8点,走进办公室
Don’t say: “Before you settle in, I need to talk to you about the presentation.”
Why it’s a problem: Is the presentation an actual fire that needs to be put out or just something that’s on your mind at that moment? People are still transitioning from the weekend. You may be catching someone unprepared, or she may have other critical deadlines that need her immediate attention.
Say instead: “Hope you had a great weekend! Let me know when you have time today to talk about the presentation.”

2. During a major meeting
Don’t say: “I don’t have the numbers today because the intern didn’t give them to me.”
Why it’s a problem: It doesn’t matter if the intern really did screw up—it looks like you’re throwing the blame on someone else. Which makes you seem like you’re not accountable, and it makes your colleagues wonder if they’ll be looking at the undercarriage of the bus next.
Say instead: “I don’t have the numbers right now, but I’m working with the intern to get them as soon as possible.”