1. Why are you leaving your present job?
(1)To speak frankly,I did not enjoy the work very much because these was not much for me to do at my post.
(2)I'm leaving the present situation just because of expiry of my employment contract.
(3)The work is not bad.Yet the salary is too small.

2. What made you decide to change your job?
(1)I am working in a small company where further promotion is impossible.I am capable of more responsibilies,so I decided to change my job.I'd like to find a job which is more challenging.
(2)I would like to have a job that is more lively than my present one.Besides,I would like to practise my English in my work.As my present employer deals with China trade only,there isn't much chance to speak English.
(3)Because I am looking for a company that I really want to work for so that I could settle down and make a long-term contribution.

3. “Tell me about how you handled a conflict situation you encountered.”
“I sat down with the other person and asked him to discuss his issues with me. I then gave my side of the story.”

4. “What are your salary requirements?”
“Salary is not my primary consideration but I do have to pay the bills, so I am open to any reasonable offer.”