What is happiness?When did you feel happy?Different people hold different answers about happiness.Quite a few people think that got great grade is the things what can make yourself happy,some people thought having a meal available whenever he feels hungry,others hold that with parents,rather than anything else,can bring her/his happiness.
    Is the people who be given great satisfaction of material needs happy? These questions bring lots of deep thought to us. As a matter of fact,what happiness is solely depends on the individual in question.A lot of people believe that their happiness comes from an desire for wealth,such as luxuries,high-end products and so all.But there’s more to happiness than that.For me,happiness mainly comes from our own attitude,rather than from external factors.If our mental attitude is correct,happiness will surrounding you all the way.
    In a nutshell, no one can tell us where we can find happiness. No matter what is happiness, it is each ordinary people's inner expectation.
The ideas of happiness change through one's life, the pleasures of happiness is issued to us all with our birth, but no one seems quite sure what it is, what is happiness?
What is happiness? Just enjoying your time at this moment.