(七)Knowledge and Diploma
1. 目前社会上存在这样一种说法:文凭越高越吃香
2. 而有些人则认为文凭不等于知识
3. 你的观点

● 审题概述●



Knowledge and Diploma

     It is generally believed that a high diploma guarantees a promising future. Some people identify high diplomas with profound knowledge and exceptional competence. Companies also tend to emphasize the academic achievement of a job candidate. Like it or not, there does exist a social reality – the higher diplomas one gets, the more popular he becomes.
     On the contrary, other people claim that a high diploma doesn’t automatically translate into knowledge. A diploma, in their eyes, is only the acknowledgment of one’s educational experience rather than a guarantee of one’s ability. Therefore, we can never measure the depth of one’s knowledge by the grade of one’s diploma. Besides, many knowledgeable people don’t have a high diploma. Take Bill Gates for example. His dropping out of college cannot deny the fact that he is one of the world’s most learned men.
     So I must say no one should ever equate a diploma with knowledge, because a diploma is nothing but a proof of a short-term study while genuine knowledge needs one’s lifelong devotion.

job candidate求职者、应聘者


(1)equate a diploma with knowledge 把文凭与知识划等号
(2)nothing but a proof of a short-term study只是短期学习的证明

(八)The Rise of Shanzhai Culture
1. 最近兴起了一股“山寨热”
2. 你如何看待山寨现象

● 审题概述●



The Rise of Shanzhai Culture

     The vast array of knockoff name-brand products, such as cell phones, DVDs, MP3 players, have made “shanzhai” the hottest word of the year. Now we wear shanzhai watches, talk through shanzhai cell phones, play shanzhai video games, use shanzhai computers, even watch shanzhai TV shows. Once a term used before some electronic products to suggest a copycat version of inferior quality, shanzhai now suggests to many Chinese creativity and trendiness. With the media all over the rise of shanzhai culture, public opinions are clearly divided.
     Advocates invariably associate it with innovation, stylishness, the DIY spirit, open-mindedness and practicality, as shanzhai products often mix imitation with innovation – a similar skin but a different heart. The end products are usually more functional and much cheaper than the original. Besides, they respond to the market more swiftly and they are more considerate in design. Thanks to them, more people at the grassroots level can enjoy the benefit of modern technology.
     However, other people, including myself, hold more reserved attitudes towards the shanzhai fever. For all the popularity it has won, a copycat is a copycat. The mockery of the prestige products not only steals their profits but also upsets market competition. Moreover, shanzhai products thrive on the current legal loopholes. Under the disguise of anti-dominance slogans, they make illegal profits by violating intellectual property rights and evading taxes. And to top it off, the so-called innovation is only senseless talk as true innovation always faces huge costs and potential failures, while plagiarism simply builds success on other people’s risks.

…public opinions are clearly divided此句起承上启下的作用

(1)mix imitation with innovation混淆模仿与创新
(2)respond to the market对市场做出反应

(1)The mockery of the prestige products拙劣地模仿名牌
(2)thrive on茁壮成长、蓬勃发展、繁荣
(3)legal loopholes法律漏洞(空子)
(4)Under the disguise of anti-dominance slogans在反垄断口号的伪装下
(5)violating intellectual property rights违反知识产权
(6)evading taxes逃税

(九)It’s Time to Stop Software Piracy
1. 盗版软件比比皆是
2. 盗版软件猖獗的原因
3. 如何打击盗版软件

● 审题概述●



It’s Time to Stop Software Piracy


     China has often been criticized for the rampant practice of software piracy. Take a look around. We operate on pirated Windows systems, defend PC security with pirated Kaspersky anti-virus programmes, process files with pirated Microsoft Office, draft 3D designs with pirated AutoCAD, refine pictures with pirated Adobe Photoshop, and study English with pirated Kingsoft’s electronic dictionaries and translators. It’s no exaggeration that pirated software is everywhere.
     The logic behind the phenomenon is simple and clear: if a pirated copy is available for just a tiny fraction of the normal price, not to speak of many of the free downloads online, who would pay for an authentic copy? Cheaper prices aside, easy access is another important factor. With such a large gathering of pirated upgrades around, who would bother to spend time and money searching the stores for an authorized yet outdated version?
     Despite these apparent benefits, the practice of software piracy should be banned, because it represents unfair competition and by nature it’s a no-win situation. But how? Two approaches are to be taken at the same time: Technically, software developers should enhance their antipiracy engineering, so that cracking the software should be virtually impossible. And legally, the government should also tighten its antipiracy laws and toughen up the penalties, so that violations should be costly.

the rampant practice of software piracy猖獗的盗版软件

(1)downloads online 在线下载
(2)authentic copy正版

tighten its antipiracy laws and toughen up the penalties加强反盗版立法和盗版惩罚

(十)Effects of Financial Crisis on College Students
1. 金融危机给各行各业都造成了一定影响
2. 金融危机对大学生造成何种影响
3. 作为大学生,应怎样应对这种影响

● 审题概述●



Effects of Financial Crisis on College Students

    Since the financial crisis swept the world, the global economy has sunk into a severe recession. It’s hard to get through a day without hearing or reading news about the devastating effects of the crisis: A world of companies go bankrupt, millions of employees are laid off, high-return investment bubbles burst, and huge sums of loans can never be retrieved. Its impact on our daily life can be felt in all walks of life.
   College students inevitably fall victim to this pervasive slump as well. On top of that, internships and job vacancies are reduced to the minimum as companies keep shrinking. New graduates find themselves hard to get a job, not to speak of a satisfactory one. What comes next? Poor students will be hard-pressed if they find student loans unavailable any more. As a result, some even cannot afford to continue their studies. Lastly, more students are probably out there anxiously looking for part-time jobs now that they have to help cover their expenses in this gloomy economy. Their innocence and eagerness might be taken advantage of by some malicious businesspeople, or even criminal gang.
   In response to these threats, we students must act promptly and wisely. Since we definitely will be facing a competitive job market, it’s crucial that we submit high quality resumes. Therefore, we must commit more to our professional studies. Even do better, master more relevant job skills as a double security. Furthermore, apply for scholarships and grants, as these are still available and we don’t have to pay them back. As for the safety issues, trust our instinct – there’s no free lunch in this world. Anything that promises quick returns without much work is a sure trap. Stay alert and protect ourselves.

(1)severe recession严重衰退
(2)devastating effects毁灭性的后果
(3)go bankrupt破产
(4)high-return investment bubbles高回报投资泡沫

(1)slump 经济萧条、不景气、经济衰退
(2)internships 实习
(3)fall victim to 被降服、屈服于

注意since, therefore, furthermore等关联词的使用,使句间关系更加紧密。