You work for Global institute inc. , which produces softwares. You are responsible for Quality Management System. 
Study the following graph which shows the effort taken by your company and IBI Inc , your main competitor. In the graph ,the Quality Management is divided into five parts. 
Use the information in the graph to write a short report (about 100 120 wards) suggesting ways of improving the quality management of your company. Write on your Answer Sheet. 
How to improve Quality Management System with limited capitals? That is the key to success. After careful study of IBI Inc 'our main competitor ,we find that they spend some money in Customer Service and Vender inspections which are vital to Quality Management. As we know, softwares are developed quickly. Customers and venders know clearly what they need. Therefore, we should develop programmes based on information through Customer Service and Vender inspections. Another fact with our attention is that although IBI Inc.‟s Plant productivity is not high, they can sell out their new, high-quality softwares quickly as they have a very good Quality Control System. Therefore, we should adjust the capitals.