You are a clerk in Lucky Tourism Company. You are responsible for arranging travelling lines. One day ,you received the data as follows : 
Read the following table which shows the changes in the way people spend their holidays. The table divides the tourism business into four parts ,telling the different percentages in 1980 and in 1990 ,from which you will notice the trend of current tourism business. 
Use the information in the table to write a short report (about 100-120 words) emphasizing changes of the main business for your company.
Nowadays, less people like to spend their holidays at home. More people go camping outside or even travel abroad. The changes are caused mainly by three factors. First ,people become more open. Instead of staying at home, they visit foreign countries to know the different races. Secondly ,in the 1990s , house wives are more free from the heavy housework with more and more household utensils. Families are very happy to spend holidays outside with mothers or wives. Thirdly, travelling abroad can also mean enjoying comfortable weather in another country. Therefore less people go to crowded seaside ,they turn to other ways.