Directions:Study the following cartoon carefullyand write an essay in which you should

1) describe the cartoon,

2) interpret its meaning, and

3) point out its implications in our life.

In the black and white drawing above, a youth gravely contemplates a narrow winding pathheading into a forest. Perhaps he thinks that his own future may be much like this path; full ofbends and curves, thorns and traps. The road to success is never anything but uneven anddifficult.

In fact, one could even say that the more successful one's life is, the more problems andhardships one must have overcome. The ability to work through difficult situations andunfortunate events only makes one stronger and more capable. Given that the road tohappiness always contains obstacles and setbacks, we should be well prepared for thehardships that life inevitably brings, and abandon the idea that life is smooth or easy. Wemust accept the fact that failures are unavoidable, whether they are failures in examinations,in finding a job, or carrying out a task. People who accept that their life will not always be simpleor calm are better able to handle problems when they arise. Those who are upset by each andevery small setback — and there are many people with such attitudes— do not have muchpotential. Failure is mother to success as it can strengthen one's will. Those who can drawlessons from failure are destined for success.