Study the following picture carefullyand write an essay in which you should

1) describe the picture,

2) interpret its meaning, and

3) make a comment on the phenomena.

As autumn winds blow, leaves fall. Having separated from a tree, leaves decompose into theearth and eventually return to a tree's originalroots. Hence the saying: “fallen leaves are destinedto return to the root.”

The picture above depicts the motion of leaves towards the root, which in turn can beinterpreted as the intense bond Chinese feel towards their motherland.

More and more overseas Chinese are returning or have already returned to China. Despitethe length of time they have spent abroad, or regardless of the life they may have lead, theyare often disposed to return to their roots, to come home. It is commonly said that blood isthicker than water. Because they are grateful for their homeland's nourishment and support,they return to contribute to the construction of their country with the knowledge, experience and wealth acquired abroad. This inclination is an expression of people's attachment to, andlove of, their homeland. Patriotism is a prevailing emotion among the overseas Chinese. The Chinese still living in China should also cherish and love their country, and give back with theirknowledge and actions in order to cultivate the country's present and future.