Photo: Wu Juping smiles at her own son in a hospital, after she saved a 2-year-old girl.

Wu Juping – a 32-year-old woman who happened to just be walking about in Hangzhou, China – managed to catch a baby girl who fell out of a window from ten floors up. Now that's luck.

Apparently, the two-year old girl, Niu, managed to fall out of the window when the girl's grandmother disappeared to take care of some errands.

Neighbors saw what was happening, but were unable to prevent the toddler from falling out. Wu Juping caught the baby “bare-handed,” but also broke her arm in the process.

Still, the act absorbed most of the fall's impact, which would have severely harmed Niu.

"I did it out of a mother's instinct," Wu told to the journalist.

The little girl in question is now in the emergency room, but doctors say she may suffer from internal bleeding. Still, the doctor in charge noted that, “It's a miracle that Niu survived the accident.”






例句:This one is the bare-bones model. It has no accessories at all.这是最基本的模型。没有其他的附件。

2.bare one's head:脱帽致敬。

例句:Bare your head when the flag is raised.当旗子升起时请脱帽致敬。

3.bare the soul:诉衷肠。

例句:Mary bared her soul to Jane and Jane told Mary her problems also.玛丽和简互诉衷肠。

4.with bare hands赤手空拳,空手的。

例句:I beat him with my bare hands。我赤手空拳地打了他。

5.bare one's teeth:呲牙瞪眼(发怒前的神态)

例句:His refusal to accept my offer made it clear I'd have to bare my teeth。他拒绝了我的要求,我气的呲牙瞪眼。