Filing for divorce under the terms of infidelity is no longer the leading reason for marital breakups in the UK, new research has found.

According to a study by accountancy firm Grant Thornton, who release an annual survey on divorce in the UK, ‘growing apart’ is now the most common reason cited for cause of divorce.

The lack of emotional chemistry - or ‘falling out of love’ with their partner - has surpassed cheating as the leading cause of divorce in the country.

Since the survey began in 2003, infidelity was the number one cause of divorce, with 25% of cases citing that as the main reason for splitting up. In the most recent survey,  27% of respondents said 'falling out of love' was the primary cause of marriage breakdown.

Other common reasons for divorcing were: unreasonable behaviour (17%), mid-life crisis (10%) and money (5%).

The survey has lead to speculation there is a shift in attitude towards how British couples perceive divorce.

One influencing factor is celebrity relationships that have survived infidelity, suggesting that spouses are reacting less aggressively to cheating than in previous years.

Do you think Brits now look less critically on cheating? Or are more of us simply falling out of love with our partners?