A growing number of parents appear to have ditched traditional names in favour of more bizarre ones such as Shy, Unity and Bean.
越来越多的父母屏弃了起传统名字的做法,而是开动脑筋,想给孩子取个稀奇古怪、“独一份”的名字。 例如:“害羞”、“统一”或者“豆子”等等。

It’s great to see parents being creative and wanting their children to stand out from the crowd with more unusual names. They don’t want their children to share anyone else’s name。” said Bounty spokeswoman Faye Mingo.

“Parents do need to think very carefully about everything that comes attached to an unusual moniker as it can definitely shape a child’s experiences from how they are treated at school and beyond.”

The poll also found that the same number of children, perhaps unsurprisingly, did not like their names while a growing number had asked for it to be changed.