What are the biggest ways that Americans and Chinese misunderstand each other?

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Chinese don't understand the internal logic of American individuality, and Americans don't understand the internal logic of Chinese collectivity.

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Americans misunderstandings about China

All Chinese eat dog / Chinese people eat everything. I am a Chinese, I am a vegetarian too.

All Chinese person are good at Math. As far as I know, the most hated thing is higher mathematics of the Chinese college students. I am so happy I don't need to learning higher mathematics.

All Chinese are near-sighted. I can only say that most of the young people in China are myopic, but not everyone myopia. It's too exaggeration.

Chinese misunderstandings about Americans

All Americans are party animals. Because the Chinese are introverted, ordinary Americans are super open in Chinese eyes.

The USA is the most developed country. Just went to US, then you will have a happy and rich life.The truth is, you can have a good life only by working hard, no matter which country you are in.

Everyone have gun in American. You could be robbed or shot at anytime in US. If you let an American angry, he/she will take AK-47 shot you. Please don't hit me with gun! Even you want to hit me, please don't hit my face.