Larry, the cat that lives in the building of the British Prime Minister's office – 10 Downing Street – today was the centre of attraction to cameramen and photographers outside the building when it demonstrated its willingness to enter the building.
拉里是一直生活在英国首相府 - 唐宁街10号的猫。今天,它因为站在门口表示想要进入大楼而被外面的摄影师瞩目。

This morning, the cat – known as Larry the Cat – was seen walking towards the main door of the building where an important cabinet meeting on Brexit was underway and it waited patiently on the doorstep of the PM's office.

A few seconds later, a Police officer on duty near the office was seen knocking on the door, which can only be opened from inside, and within seconds the cat ran inside.

The video was immediately uploaded on the social media, with the cat's behaviour nicknamed ‘Brexit Cat' as a reference to the debate on the EU exit, with people saying that the cat first decided to stay outside but then after experiencing what it means to remain outside, decided it is better to be inside!