1、as a result of 是由于的意思,例如:
He was late as a result of the snow. 由于大雪他迟到了。

2、as a result 作为一个最终结果的意思,例如:
He defeated all competitors and won the scholarship as a result。
As a result,the women of today and tomorrow are powerful consumers and understanding their habits and attitudes is critically important for marketers and advertisers.

3、as the result of 是作为......结果,由于
While Paul is describing this behavior as the result of wayward passions, the chief sin is idolatry and separation from the one true God.


5、1)as the result以及as a result,除了上述区别外,用法一致。可作为插入语。 例句:
They cut trees without permission, as the(a) result, taken into prison for 3 months.或者放在句首:He is so cute and gentle, as well as his brain is full of creation. As a result, many girls fall in love with him.
2)as a result of以及as the result of 它们都可以接宾语的成分。可放在句中:They are taken into prison as the(a) result of cutting trees without permission. 或者放在句首:As a result of weather, all the crops grow well.