1. The English novel is quite easy for you. There are _______ new words in it.
A. a little B. little C. a few D. few
2. ---Can I come this evening or tomorrow morning? ---______ is OK.
A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None
3. ---Is ______ here? ---No. Li Lei and Han Mei have asked for leave.
A. somebody B. everybody C. anybody D. nobody
4. We decides to go for a field trip with some friends of _______.
A. us B. our C. ours D. ourselves
5. Mrs. Bond is one old friend of ________.
A. Jack mother B. Jack mother's C. Jack's mother D. Jack's mother's
7. -- Are there any _____ on the farm? --- Yes, there are some.
A. horse B. sheep C. duck D. chicken
8. These ________ have saved many children's lives.
A. women doctors B. woman doctors C. women doctor D. woman doctor
9. Max prefer ____ English to ______ Physics. At the same time, he likes play ____ piano.
A. an; a; the B. a; a; the C. /; /;the D. the; the; /
11. I know ______ John Lennon, but not ______ famous one.
A. /; a B. a; the C. /; the D. the; a
12. _______ of the land in the city is covered with trees and grass.
A. Two fifths B. Two fifth C. Two five D. Second fifths
13. Which number is wrong? ___________.
A. Ninety B. Ninteen C. Ninth D. Nineteenth
14. Our school is not very big. There are only ________ students.
A. nine hundreds of B. nine hundreds C. nine hundred D. nine hundred of
15. Which room do you live in? ________.
A. The 201 Room B. Room 201 C. Room 201st D. The 201's Room
16. ______ the help of the teacher, Tom has made rapid progress _____ his studies.
A. For; at B. By; on C. With; for D. With; in
17. Is there sny differences _______ these two sentences?
A. for B. in C. between D. among
18. A woman fell ______ the boat _____ the water.
A. off; into B. at; below C. down; under D. away; in
19. Wood can be made ______ paper.
A. by B. into C. from D. of
20. Japan lies ______ the east of China. And the United States is ____ the south of Canada.
A. on; to B. to; on C. in; to D. with; on
21. There are some birds singing _____ the trees.
A. in B. on C. at D. from