1. When Linda was a child, her mother always let her have ______ bed.

A. the breakfast in B. the breakfast in the C. breakfast in D. breakfast in the

2. Beyond ______ stars the astronaut saw nothing but ______ space.

A. the, 不填 B. 不填,the C. 不填,不填 D. the, the

3. Alexander Graham Bell invented ________ telephone in 1876.

A. 不填 B. a C. the D. one

4. After watching ____ TV, she played _____ violin for an hour.

A. 不填,不填 B. the, the C. the, 不填 D. 不填,the

5. Many people are still in ____ habit of writing silly things in ____ public places.

A. the, the B. 不填,不填 C. the, 不填 D. 不填,the

6. Paper money was in ____ use in China when Marco Polo visited the country in ____ thirteenth century.

A. the, 不填 B. the, the C. 不填,the D. 不填,不填

7. Have you seen ______ pen? I left it here this morning. Is it ____ black one? I think I saw it somewhere.

A. a, the B. the, the C. the, a D. a, a

8. She is _____ newcomer to ____ chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries.

A. the, the B. the, 不填 C. a, 不填 D. a, the

9. Many people agree that ___ knowledge of English is a must in ____ international trade today.

A. a, 不填 B. the, an C. the, the D. 不填,the

10. ______ usually go to church every Sunday.

A. The Brown B. A Brown C. Browns D. The Browns

11. The train is running fifty miles ______.

A. an hour B. one hour C. the hour D. a hour
12. ___ earth we live on is bigger than___ moon.

A. The, a B. The, the C. An, a D. An, the

13. — What’s the matter with you ? —I caught ___ bad cold and had to stay in ___bed.

A. a, / B. a, the C. a, a D. the, the

14. —Do you know ___ lady in blue? —Yes. She is a teacher of a university.

A. the B. a C. an D. /

15. —Where’s ___ nearest supermarket? —It’s over there, just around the corner.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

16. The young man will work in ___ school as a maths teacher.

A. the B. a C. an D. /

17. Most of the representatives think that ______ the meeting was very successful.

A. on whole of B. on a whole C. on the whole D.on the whole that

18. The investigators found that more should be done for ______ in India.

A. those poor B. a poor C. poor D. the poor

19. He grabbed me ______ and pulled me onto the bus.

A. a arm B. an arm C. the arm D. by the arm

20. “How did you pay the workers?” “As a rule, they are paid ______.”

A. by an your B. by the hour C. by a hour D. by hours

21. What _____ exciting football match! Our team beat Tom’s team at last.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

22. In the United States, Father’s Day falls on _____ third Sunday in _____ June.

A. the,不填 B. the, a C. 不填, the D. a, 不填

23. I have two dogs. ______ black one is two years old and ______ yellow one is three years old.

A. A, a B. The, a C. The, the D. A. the

24. ______ new bridge has been built over ______ Huangpu River.

A. The, a B. A, / C. A, the D. An, an

25. -What colour is ______ orange? -It’s _____ orange.

A. an, an B. an, the C. an, / D. /, an

1. C 2. A。太空中的星体或世界上独一无二的东西前应加定冠词。Space作“宇宙空间”解时,也是抽象名词,通常不加冠词

3. C。作invent宾语的名词只能用“the+单数可数名词”,表示发明的某类东西。 4. D。watch TV是习惯搭配,不必用冠词。表示乐器的名词前应用定冠词。 

5. C。in the habit of是习惯用语,正如in the morning, on the other hand一样,其中的定冠词不可或缺。Public places是复数名词短语,表示泛指概念,其前面不必用定冠词。

6. C。be in use是习语,在这习语中没有任何冠词。 Thirteenth是序数词,在序数词前应用定冠词。

7. D。问句和答语中的pen均非特指,而是泛指,故应用不定冠词。

8. C。newcomer是单数可数名词,泛指某类人中的一个,要用不定冠词。抽象名词或学科名称前不加任何冠词,chemistry是表示学科的抽象名词,因此前面不加the。

9. A。虽然knowledge是不可数名词,但有of English修饰,故用不定冠词。Trade是抽象名词,前面不应加the。

10. D 11. A 12. B 13. A 14. A。考查the 表示特指的用法。根据题意知道是特指“穿蓝色衣服的那个夫人”。

15. C。考查“the 用在形容词的最高级前”的用法。题意为“最近的超市在哪里?”

16-20 ADDDB 21-25 BACCC