Answer True or False

People love parrots for their beautiful and bright colours. They are clever birds. They can learn to talk. They are able to tell if objects are the ‘same’ or ‘different’. There are more than 300 different kinds of parrots.

Like other birds, parrots are animals in the wild. They like flying and they like trees. When people buy them from pet shops, parrots have to live in cages. They feel bad there. So if you keep parrots, you’d better give them a big cage. Remember to feed your parrots with good food and give them fresh water to drink. You can feed them with cooked rice and fruits.

Many people think parrots are lovely birds. That is why so many people keep parrots at home and talk with them all the time and make friends with them.

1. People love parrots because they are clever birds with beautiful and bright colours.

2. There are 300 different kinds of parrots.

3. Parrots are wild birds, too.

4. Parrots feel bad in cages.

5. People feed parrots with meat.

6. Parrots prefer to live with people.


 1. F  2. F  3. T  4. T  5. F