1. The foreigners arrived __________ Shanghai __________ night.
A. at…at B. in…at C. in... in D. at... in

2. Wushu is becoming more and more popular __________ westerners.
A. among B. between C. in

3. __________ the help of the teachers, we decorated. Our classroom__________ lanterns, flowers and pictures yesterday.
A. Under... without B. Under... among C. With... with D.With...between

4. The cakes __________ the shape of a round moon is called mooncakes.
A. like B. look like C. as D. likes

5.改错:The manager told his secretary that he would be back __________ three-thirty.
A. in B. after C. before D. at

6. It was clever __________ the boy to work __________ the maths problems in less than ten minutes.
A. for…out B. of... out C. for...on D. of... on

7. My aunt Jane tried her best to reduce her weight ________ 6kg.
A.about B.at C.to D.by

8. In my opinion, I agree __________ you __________ that.
A. to… with B. with…to C. with.., with D. with.., on

9. I am familiar__________ this school since I have worked here for more than fifteen years.
A. with B. to C. about D. of

10. Would you please look __________ my baby girl __________ my absence?
A. after…during B. for…during C. after… in D. to...in

11. Mexico is ________ the south of America.
A. in B. to C. on D. of

12. The boy ____ the bike is Jackie Hu from Britain.
A. by B. on C. in D. with

13. Smoking and drinking are not good _______ your health.
A. for B. to C. of D. at

14. Can you see the cat hiding __________ the tree?
A. on B. under C. over D. in

15. The litter bin__________ the corner of the room is a present from my brother.
A. at B. on C. in D. among

16. It's fun to see a large number of stars shining in the sky ________ a clear night.
A. at B. in C. on D. of