[00:09.90]Judy is collecting some facts for a class project on pollution.
[00:18.44]She is interviewing Doctor Ray,a scientist,about trees.
[00:27.51]Judy:Why are you so interested in trees,Doctor Ray?
[00:38.16]Dr ray:They're the biggest and oldest living things on earth,Judy.
[00:45.71]JUDY:Yes,but what good are trees?
[00:51.67]They make streets more beautiful and less noisy,but what else can they do?
[01:02.25]Dr ray:Well,there's wood in your pencil and the bench,
[01:08.78]rubber on the end of your pencil,
[01:12.91]and paper in your notebook—all from trees.
[01:19.39]do you like to eat an orange,or sip a Coke or a coffee?
[01:31.90]Dr ray:Well,the fruit,the nuts for the Coke,
[01:37.36]and the beans for the coffee all come from trees.
[01:43.42]And,I suppose you also enjoy breathing pure,cool air.
[01:50.68]Judy:Of course.
[01:54.94]Dr ray:Then you must thank trees for that,too.
[02:00.58]Trees are natural air conditioners.
[02:06.04]They take harmful gas from the air,and release oxygen into the air.
[02:14.22]How many people are there in your class,Judy?
[02:24.98]Dr ray:Well,one and a half hectares of trees
[02:31.33]could produce enough oxygen to keep your whole class alive and healthy for a year.
[02:40.39]Judy:That's wonderful!
[02:44.94]DR ray:Trees cool the air as well as clean it.
[02:50.87]Three trees can do the job of 15 air conditioners running almost all day.
[02:59.83]Judy:You certainly know a lot about trees Doctor Ray.
[03:06.10]DR ray:Thank you,Judy,but I don't,really.
[03:12.34]Scientists are only now beginning to understand them.
[03:18.22]For example,did you know that when insects attack a tree,
[03:25.27]it can warn its neighbours?
[03:29.74]The trees can then protect themselves by producing a chemical
[03:35.30]that makes their leaves taste nasty.
[03:40.16]And some trees can join their roots together underground,
[03:46.82]and pass food and water around.
[03:51.68]Trees are communicating with one another, but we don't know how.
[04:00.04]Judy:Are trees in danger?
[04:05.00]Dr ray:In great danger.
[04:08.56]We cut down and burn millions every year but we replace hardly any of them.
[04:17.31]We are destroying our best fighters against pollution.
[04:24.18]LISTENING Judy school took in a tree-planting campaign.
[05:07.23]To attract people to join,Judy and Rita wrote a notice.
[05:15.27]Listen to them talking,and complete the notice by putting one word in each space.
[08:06.11]A Talk time
[08:11.15][i] [i:]
[08:17.11]A1 1.a ship a hill a bin hit
[08:33.62]2.a sheep a heel a bean to leave
[08:46.63]3.ship sheep hill heel
[08:59.98]bin bean live leave
[09:10.11]A2 1.I planted three trees.
[09:20.46]2.They bit me and beat me.
[09:27.22]3.These shoes don't fit my feet.
[09:35.97]4.This is a sheep and that is a ship.
[09:44.75]5.I don't want to leave the place where I live.
[09:53.21]A3 R:What do you want from the supermarket,Lily?
[10:01.86]L:Get me some meat and peas,please,some fish and chips,and some Indian tea.
[10:14.24]R:Meat,peas,fish,chips and Indian tea.
[10:23.60]Right, I'll be back in a minute.
[10:28.45]MORE PRACTICE A Dear friend Trees are our friends.
[10:41.12]They work hard for us.They cool our cities and clean the air.
[10:48.39]They remove dust and change carbon dioxide into the oxygen we reathe.
[10:57.24]Trees reduce sound pollution for large urban areas and add beauty to cities.
[11:07.59]They can help increase the value of prperty.
[11:12.76]Homes with many trees have higher values.
[11:18.82]Without trees,soil would wash away and there would be no food for us to eat.
[11:27.75]Without treee shade,the Earth would get too hot to live on.
[11:35.12]Trees provide shelter,food and things for both humans and animals.
[11:45.15]They also supply material for houses,furniture,paper products,etc.
[11:55.10]Some trees evenprovide important ingredients for medicines that cure illnesses.
[12:04.45]Without trees,we would die.
[12:09.10]In the 200 years,more than half of all the trees on the earth have veen destroyed.
[12:20.47]We need more trees!For every tree being planted today,30 trees are being cut down.
[12:32.72]Trees for Life making a diffference.
[12:38.67]We plant trees and take care of them to help protect our environment.
[12:46.93]We give help to all the people who would like to join us in this project.
[12:55.08]We want to plant 100 million trees in the next 10 years.
[13:03.73]If you want to more about us,please send us an e-mail at info@ treesforlife.org.
[13:18.28]We hope you will have lots of fun.
[13:23.55]From TREES FOR LIFE