READING: A dangerous servant

One evening, Daisy said, ‘I’m going to buy a packet of sweets .Does anyone want anything?’


Benny, Daisy’s brother, said, ‘Yes, Can you get me a packet of electricity, please?’


Daisy said, ‘Ok,’ and went out. Benny laughed, ‘Ha! Ha! I’ve tricked Daisy at last. She doesn’t even know what electricity is. She thinks that she can buy it in packets, like sweets! She’ll really look foolish.’


Mum said, ‘Do you know what electricity is?’


Benny said, ‘Yes. Electricity flows through a wire. A meter measures the amount you use, and you get a bill for it monthly. It’s like water, in a way.’


‘That’s not a bad explanation,’ said Dad, ‘although electricity is much more dangerous than water. Electricity is a good servant, but a dangerous one. You must always be careful with it. Can you tell me what it looks like?’


Benny scratched his head.


Dad said, ‘Nobody’s ever seen electricity. It’s invisible. But we can change it into different forms of energy that we can see, hear or feel. Can you think of an example?’


Benny said, ‘Light! The light in a light bulb.’


Mum said, ‘That’s right. Do you know where electricity comes from?’


Benny said, ‘Well, it comes into our flat through thin wires, and these are connected to thick wires that buried under the street.’


‘We call the thick wires cables,’ said Dad. ‘What are they connected to?’


‘A power station, ‘said Benny.


Daisy then came back. Benny asked politely, ‘May I have my packet of electricity, please?’There was a grin on his face.


‘Yes, you may,’ said Daisy. ‘Here it is. ’Benny said, ‘But these are batteries!’Daisy said, ‘That’s right.’


‘But…but…,’ said Benny.


‘Daisy’s right,’ said Dad. ‘They’re packets that contain electricity. The chemicals inside produce electricity. ’


Daisy asked, ‘Didn’t you know that, Benny?’


Mum said, ‘who’s looking foolish now, Benny?’



1 I'm going to bug a packet of sweets.我要去买一包/袋糖果。
a packet of是量词词组,意为“一包;一袋”。又如:a packet of crisps(一袋薯片)。 句中的sweet作名词,意为“糖果”;sweet也可作形容词,意为“甜的”。

2 I've tricked Daisy at last.我终于耍了黛西一回了。

3 She doesn't even know what electricity is.她甚至不知道电是什么。

4 She'll really look foolish.她一定会出洋相的。
句中的look为系动词,意为“显得”,后接形容词foolish作表语,说明主语的状态。又如: That book looks interesting.那本书好像很有趣。

5 You must always be careful with.1.你必须一直小心用电。
be careful with意为“小心对待;谨慎处理”,后常接名词或代词。又如:Please be careful with the glass.当心玻璃。

6 Can you tell me what it looks like?你可以告诉我它(电)是什么样子的吗?
look like意为“看似…一样”,look在此处是系动词,like为介词。 此外,look like常和what连用表示“看起来怎么样?”,如:
--What does your teacher look like? --He is tall and handsome.

7 ‘We call the thick wires cables.’ said Dad.“我们把那些粗的电线称为‘电缆’。”爸爸说道。
句中的cable作名词,意为“电缆”;在7B Unit 3曾学过cable car(缆车)。