READING: Pollution Fighters

Judy is collecting some facts for a class project on pollution. She is interviewing Doctor Ray, a scientist, about trees.


       Why are you so interested in trees, Doctor Ray?
DR RAY   They're the biggest and oldest living things on the earth, Judy.
JUDY       Yes, but what good are trees? They make streets more beautiful and less noisy, but what else can they do?
DR RAY   Well, the wood in your pencil, the rubber on the end of your pencil, the paper in your notebook and the fruit in you bowl all come from trees! And, I suppose you also enjoying breathing pure, cool air.
JUDY       Of course.
DR RAY    Then you must thank trees for that too. They take harmful gases from the air, and release oxygen back into the air, How many people are there in your class, Judy?
JUDY       Forty-six.
DR RAY    Well, one and a half hectares of trees could produce enough oxygen to keep your whole class alive and healthy for a whole year.
JUDY       That's wonderful!
DR RAY    Trees cool the air as well as clean it. They are natural air conditioners. Three trees can do the job of 15air conditioners running almost all day.
JUDY       You certainly know a lot about trees, Doctor Ray.
DR RAY    Thank you, Judy, but I don't, really. Scientists are only now beginning to understand them. For example, when insects attack a tree, it can warn its neighbours. The trees can then protect themselves by producing a chemical that makes their leaves taste nasty. And some trees can join their roots together underground, and pass food and water to each other. Trees are communicating with one another, but we don't know how.
JUDY       And trees in danger?
DR RAY    In great danger. We cut down and burn millions every year, but we replace hardly any of them. We are destorying our best fighters against pollution.

朱迪:   雷博士,为什么你会对树木产生兴趣?
朱迪:   那么树木都有些什么好处呢?除了美化街道,减少噪音,它们还能做什么?
朱迪:   当然。
朱迪:   46个
朱迪:   太棒了!
朱迪:   雷博士,你肯定对树木了解很多吧!
朱迪:   那么,树木有受到危害么?