The company that prints UK bank notes and passports warned there was “significant doubt” about its future unless a turnaround plan revived its fortunes.

De La Rue, which prints notes for the Bank of England and more than 100 other central banks, said it was suspending its dividend to help tackle mounting debts as it reported a first-half loss following a raft of problems.
De La Rue公司为英格兰银行和100多家其他中央银行印刷纸币,说正暂停派发股息以应对不断增长的债务,在遭遇一系列问题之后该公司报告了上半年的亏损。

Shares in the Basingstoke-based business plunged by a fifth to 140p, wiping £36m off its value, after it said there was “material uncertainty that casts significant doubt on the group’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

The company, which employs more than 2,500 people globally, said the warning was based on a worst-case scenario.

Unite, the union, said it was a “very worrying” development for workers at De La Rue, whose UK locations include Debden in Essex and Gateshead in the north-east.
工会Unite说De La Rue公司的员工前景“堪忧”,该公司在英国埃塞克斯的德布登和东北部的盖茨黑德都有分厂。

“The potentially precarious future of De La Rue, a major UK manufacturing company, should be ringing alarm bells across government,” said Unite national officer Louisa Bull.
工会的国家官员Louisa Bull说:“英国大型制造公司De La Rue的未来充满不确定性,应该为全国敲响警钟。”

“Unite will be doing all it can in supporting our members at this very difficult time and will continue to campaign strongly to keep vital printing work in the UK.”

The latest statement follows a series of setbacks including two profit warnings, an investigation into suspected corruption in South Sudan and its failure to win a £490m contract to print the UK’s post-Brexit blue passport. In May, it wrote off £18m after Venezuela’s central bank failed to pay its bills.