As Airbnb absorbs more and more of the demand for housing, it’s exploring how to monetize opportunities beyond vacation rentals.

A marketplace for longer-term corporate housing could be a huge business, but rather than build that itself, Airbnb is making a strategic investment in one of the market leaders called Zeus Living, which will list its homes on the Airbnb site.
更长期的公司用房市场会是一笔大买卖,但Airbnb不是自己建楼,而是对市场领导者Zeus Living进行战略投资,Zeus Living会将房子挂到Airbnb的网站上。

In just four years of redecorating landlords’ homes and renting them to relocated workers for 30-day stays (or longer), Zeus Living has grown to a $100 million revenue run rate.
Zeus Living将房东的房子重新装修,租给拆迁工人30天(或更长时间),仅仅四年收入就达到了1亿美元。

It boosted revenue 300% in 2019, and now has 250 employees and more than 2,000 homes under management.

Zeus makes money by charging landlords one free month of usage, and marking up the rent charged to customers.

It could rent out a $4,000 per month home for $5,000 plus take the extra month to earn $16,000 in a year.

Zeus CEO and co-founder Kulveer Taggar  tells me, “I fundamentally believe that a lot of human potential is bound by location. At Zeus, we’re deeply committed to making it easier for people to live where opportunity takes them.” It’s already hosted 27,000 residents for a total of 650,000 nights.

Strong margins, swift momentum and that megatrend of more mobile workforces have earned Zeus Living a new $55 million Series B round it’s announcing on TechCrunch today.
高额的利润、迅猛的势头以及流动劳动力增多的趋势使Zeus Living在B轮融资中又获得了5500万美元,该公司今天在TechCrunch(美国科技类博客)上公布了融资结果。

The funding comes from Airbnb, Comcast, CEAS Investments and Alumni Ventures Group, plus existing investors Alumni Ventures Group, Initialized Capital, NFX and Spike Ventures. The funding comes at a $205 million post-money valuation.
投资公司有Airbnb、康卡斯特、CEAS投资公司和Alumni Ventures Group,以及现有投资者Alumni Ventures Group、Initialized Capital、NFX和Spike Ventures。投资后估值为2.05亿美元。