sponsorship ['spɒnsəʃɪp] 

n. 赞助


The International Olympic Committee is encouraging current and former Olympic athletes to sell personal experiences and access to their training regimes to fans via Airbnb.

At a press conference in London to announce Airbnb’s $500m (£380m) sponsorship of the next five Olympics, the IOC president, Thomas Bach said: “From this partnership there will also be direct benefit for athletes.”

He said: “With Airbnb’s support we will develop new opportunities for athletes around the world to develop their own direct revenue streams through the promotion of physical activity and the Olympic values.”

The Olympian Experiences scheme would also “enrich the Olympic experience of the spectator”, Bach said.

Stephanie Reid, a British long jumper who won silver medals at the 2012 and 2016 Paralympic Games, said she was considering offering a range of experiences to fans via Airbnb.

She said one of the first things she would offer were lessons in how to deal with nervousness before competition. “What I do is just normal to me, but other people think it’s really cool,” Reid said.

Mikel Thomas, a Trinidad and Tobago athlete who competed in the 110m hurdles at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Games, said he would offer opportunities to go running with him. “Would [Airbnb users] want to run through cities with me while I’m on the Diamond League tour?” he asked. “In a world that is so disconnected, [this will help] get back to human interactions.”



sponsorship ['spɒnsəʃɪp] 

n. 赞助


Sport is being debased by commercial sponsorship.  

The club has made an approach to a local business firm for sponsorship.