spinoff ['spin,ɔ:f] 

n. 衍生物

House of the Dragon isn’t the only Game of Thrones prequel. Here’s everything we know about them all.
《House of the Dragon》(《龙族》)并不是《权力的游戏》唯一的前传。关于权游的前传,这里有我们所知道的一切。

Game of Thrones is over, but the world of Westeros lives on, in the form of multiplespinoff series in various stages of development. 

Not even a polarizing final season that drew mixed reviews from critics and fans has dampened fan enthusiasm for the spinoffs, which will bring to life more stories from George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy book series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

But despite the public’s hunger for more, the journey hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for the spinoffs. 

Of the five pitched series originally announced in 2017, two have been killed, and three appear to be in project limbo, while a new, surprise sixth show, received a full series order in October 2019 — on the same day news broke that HBO was tabling the only previously announced series to have made it to the pilot phase.

The new show will be a prequel entitled House of the Dragon. HBO ordered an initial 10-episode season, but there’s no air date for the series yet.
这部新剧是权游的前传,它将被命名为《House of the Dragon》。HBO电视网预订了这部剧的前10集,但目前还未公布其播出日期。

But what of the other five prequel series? Because there are so many spinoff pitches floating around, it’s easy to get confused about which ones are still in play. It’s also easy to get excited for the prospect of a constant string of Westeros adaptations coming our way.

But in fact, HBO’s endgame is much different. In 2017, HBO programming director Casey Bloys explained to Entertainment Weekly that the network was planning on using the pitches, and their development stages, to ideally select just one standout series that was “worthy” of bearing the Game of Thrones mantle.



spinoff ['spin,ɔ:f] 

n. 衍生物


How did they come up with the idea for the spinoff? 


spinoff effect 连带效应