Xiaomi, which competes with Apple for the top position in the wearable market, today made the competition a little more interesting.

The Chinese electronics giant has launched in its home market its first smartwatch, called the Mi Watch, which looks strikingly similar to the Apple Watch.
这家中国电子产品巨头公司已在国内市场推出第一款智能手表Mi Watch,外观和Apple Watch特别像。

The Mi Watch, like the Apple Watch, has a square body with a crown and a button. It sports a 1.78-inch AMOLED display (326 ppi) that offers the always-on capability and runs MIUI for Watch, the company’s homegrown wearable operating system based on Google’s Wear OS.
这款Mi Watch像Apple Watch一样是方形表盘,带有表冠和按钮。宣传亮点是1.78英寸的AMOLED显示屏(326 ppi),提供息屏显示模式和小米系统。小米系统是该公司基于谷歌Wear OS的国产可穿戴操作系统。


Inside the metal housing — aluminum alloy with a matte finish — are microphones on two sides for recording audio and taking calls, and a loudspeaker on the left to listen to music or incoming calls. The Mi Watch, which comes in one size — 44mm — has a ceramic back, which is where the charging pins and a heart-rate sensor are also placed.
在哑光铝合金的金属外壳内部两端都有麦克风,用于录音和接听电话,左侧有一个扬声器,用于听音乐或接听来电。Mi Watch只有44mm一个尺寸,陶瓷后盖上有充电触点和心率传感器。

The company says its first smartwatch supports cellular connectivity (through an eSIM), Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC for payments. The Mi Watch should last for 36 hours on a single charge on cellular mode, the company claimed.
小米公司称第一款智能手表支持蜂窝网络连接(通过eSIM卡)、Wi-Fi、GPS、蓝牙和NFC支付(移动支付方式)。该公司称Mi Watch在蜂窝模式下充电一次续航时间长达36小时。

The Mi Watch also will help users track their sleep, performance while swimming, cycling and running, and also measure their heart rate.
Mi Watch也能帮助用户监测睡眠,以及游泳、骑车和跑步时的表现,也可以测心率。

More than 40 popular Chinese apps, such as TikTok and QQ Messenger, are available for the Mi Watch on day one. The company’s own XiaoAI assistant is the default virtual digital assistant on the watch.
Mi Watch最开始就可以安装40多款中国流行的应用程序,如抖音和QQ。手表上使用了小米公司自己的默认虚拟数字助理“小爱助手”。

The Mi Watch is priced at CNY 1,299 ($185) and will go on sale in the country next week. There’s no word on international availability just yet, but if the past is any indication, Xiaomi will likely bring the device to India, Singapore, Indonesia and other markets in coming quarters.
Mi Watch定价为1,299元人民币(合185美元),下周将在国内上市销售。还没有在国际上市的消息,但看过去的情况,小米有可能在未来几季度在印度、新加坡、印尼和其他市场开始销售。