Vocabulary and Structure (40 points)
There are 40 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
11. Luckily, the fire fighters arrived and _______ the terrible fire.
A. put on B. put out C. put down D. put away
12. For miles and miles, I could see nothing _______ a great fire and lots of smoke.
A. beside B. besides C. except D. without
13. The shop assistant didn‘t give me the right ________.
A. change B. money C. serve D. note
14. The prices of fridges have been ______ recently.
A. pressed B. brought out C. cut off D. brought down
15. This means the boy may be out of job for some time. In this sentence “be out of job” means _______.
A. be on their days off B. go outside
C. lose his job D. finish his work
16. The TV play we watched last night was very ________.
A. frightening B. afraid C. fright D. frightened
17. We took soft drinks to the _______ and our friends took beer there.
A. bench B. beach C. bank D. bend
18. Who will ________ the bill?
A. pay B. pay for C. pay off D. pay out
19. Their debts _______ 700.
A. added to B. adds up C. add to D. add up to
20. There is _______ bread in the cupboard, ________?
A. no more…is there B. not any more…isn‘t there
C. no longer…is there D. not any longer…isn‘t there
21.—Would you please go out for a walk with us?
—______, but I‘m very busy now.
A. Of course not B. I‘d like to C. That’s all right D. That‘s right
22.—Can I get you a cup of tea?
A. That‘s very nice of you B. With pleasure
C. You can, please D. Thank you for the tea
23.—When can I call on you, afternoon or evening?
—________. I‘ll be at home all the time.
A. Any B. Either C. Both D. Neither
24.—Has anyone seen my glasses?
A. Here it is B. It is here C. Here are they D. Here they are
25.—May I use your phone?
A. No, I don‘t mind B. Yes, you do it
C. Yes, my pleasure D. I‘m afraid not
26. He is much more _______ a German
A. like to be B. liking to be C. likely to be D. likely
27. I had a new tap _______ the day before yesterday.
A. fix B. fixing C. to be fixed D. fixed
28. We couldn‘t eat at a restaurant because _______ of us had _______ money on us.
A. all…no B. any…no C. none…any D. no one…any
29. Have you any rooms _______? We‘ll stay here for only two days.
A. to spare B. to spend C. to take D. to borrow
30. I was so ______ moved by his words that I couldn‘t fall asleep ______ into the night.
A. deep…deeply B. deep…deep C. deeply…deeply D. deeply…deep
 31. The crowd cheered ______ the sight of the honoured guests‘ motorcade.
A. at B. on C. as soon as D. in
32. He‘s a new comer. So we try to be as _______ to him as we could.
A. friend B. friends C. friendly D. good friends
33. She had a good time last night, _______?
A. hadn‘t she B. had she C. didn’t she D. did she
34. Don‘t _______ the child, it will frighten him.
A. call at B. laugh at C. shout to D. shout at
—He is a tall young man with blue eyes and broad shoulders.
A. What is he like B. What does he look like
C. What does he like D. How is he
36. She no longer talked and laughed _______ she used to.
A. like B. as though C. as D. just as
37. I don‘t know why _______ late for class.
A. you are B. are you C. are you being D. being you are
38. As both dictionaries were good, he said he would take _______.
A. any of them B. all of them C. either of them D. either ones
39. _______ of them knows much English.
A. No B. None C. Both D. Not all
40. Will you ______ the book Tom Sawyer ______ him if he wants to _____ it _____ you?
A. lend…to…borrow…from B. lend…to…borrow…of
C. borrow…to…lend…from D. lend…for…borrow…of
41. It was _______ who helped Tom out when he was in trouble.
A. I B. me C. us D. ours
42. The leaves of many trees turn ______ in autumn.
A. to red D. red C. to be red D. into red
43.—Will you go to the museum tomorrow?
—Yes, I will go _______ it‘s windy.
A. since B. as though C. if D. even though
44. Mary used to stay up until far into the night, ______?
A. didn‘t she B. usedn’t she C. does she D. Both A& B.
45. It is very kind ______ you to supply us _______ so much information.
A. for…with B. for…in C. of…with D. of…in
46. Five minutes earlier, _______ we could have caught the last train.
A. of B. but C. and D. so
47. Many a boy and many a girl _______ it since then.
A. have seen B. has seen C. has been seeing D. had seen
48. I regretted _______ the days when I _______ hard at school.
A. wasting…must have worked B. having wasted…should have worked
C. to waste…could work D. to have wasted…would work
49. He‘s sure you’ll pass the examination, _______?
A. isn‘t he B. do you C. won’t you D. hasn‘t he
50. With ______, the man had to go out of his hiding place.
A. his food ran out B. his food running out
C. him running out D. his food run out