If you’re scrolling through Instagram and find an outfit you love, Uniqlo wants to help you re-create it.

The Japanese apparel brand worked with design firm I&Co to create a mobile app called StyleHint that allows users to upload photos of clothes and be matched with similar styles from the site.

To launch this technology, Uniqlo partnered with Google’s Cloud Vision image analysis, applying the image recognition technology to clothes.
优衣库为了推出这一技术,和谷歌的图像分析工具Cloud Vision合作,将这一图像识别技术应用到衣服上。

The app functions like a social media platform, much like Instagram, allowing you to follow other users.

You can upload and share images of your favorite outfits and see what other people are posting.

Throughout the process, the StyleHint technology will identify similar garments from Uniqlo and purchase items immediately through the app.

To launch the app, Uniqlo is partnering with fashion influencer Olivia Perez.
为了推出这个应用程序,优衣库和时尚博主Olivia Perez进行合作。