The clock is ticking ever more loudly for Boeing Co. Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg as the grounding of the 737 Max hits the seven-month mark.

波音737 Max飞机停飞长达7个月了,对波音公司首席执行官Dennis Muilenburg来说局势越来越严峻。

The board removed him as chairman Oct. 11 after the close of the workweek, saying the change would enable Muilenburg to focus on returning Boeing’s best-selling jet to service.



The directors expressed support for Muilenburg but pledged “active oversight” as they handed his chairman’s post to lead director David Calhoun, who has been mentioned in years past as a potential Boeing CEO.

董事们表达了对Muilenburg的支持,但在将董事长职位交给首席董事David Calhoun时,他们承诺将“积极监督”。过去几年里David一直被视为接任波音首席执行官的人选。

The Friday-evening shakeup weakens Muilenburg, 55, as he tries to get the Max back in the air this quarter and prepares for a crucial appearance before Congress on Oct. 30.


Boeing’s reputation and finances have been battered since two Max crashes killed 346 people and prompted a global grounding, and U.S. regulators have yet to schedule a crucial test flight needed to re-certify the plane.


“If they’re on course for re-certification in the fourth quarter as they maintain, then he could hang on,” Richard Aboulafia, an aerospace analyst at Teal Group, said of Muilenburg. “If it slips much beyond then, then his job is definitely at risk.”

蒂尔集团的航空分析师Richard Aboulafia提到Muilenburg时说:“如果能像他们所说的那样在第四季度重新获得认证,他还可以坚持下去。如果远超出这一时间范围,那他的工作可能就保不住了。”