Not all heroes wear capes—or carry wands. Emma Watson, the actress and activist who is still best known as resident Harry Potter smarty-pants Hermione Granger, is taking on a new role.

She has launched a free legal-advice hotline with Time’s Up for women in England and Wales who are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Women in need of a little guidance on a workplace situation can call the help line for advice.

Thanks to a staff of employment lawyers from the nonprofit Rights of Women, women can get legal advice on what counts as sexual harassment, how to go about filing a complaint against an employer, how to make a claim, and how to navigate settlement agreements and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), the Guardian reports.

According to Rights of Women, this is the only specialist, free, legal-advice line for women in England and Wales who are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace.


“It’s completely staggering to think that this is the only service of its type given that research has found that as many as one in two women experience sexual harassment in the workplace,” Watson said in a statement.

“Understanding what your rights are, how you can assert them, and the choices you have if you’ve experienced harassment, is such a vital part of creating safe workplaces for everyone, and this advice line is such a huge development in ensuring that all women are supported, wherever we work.”

The hotline, which is backed by Time’s Up UK’s Justice and Equality Fund and managed by Rosa, a charitable fund that kicked off with a £1 million donation from Watson and others in the film industry, provides financial support for female-focused initiatives across the United Kingdom.

It is funding this hotline in the hopes of helping to create safer workplaces for everyone.

As much as this hotline is desperately needed in the U.K., where research indicates that as many as one in two women has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, it’s equally needed in the United States and around the world.