What are the best study tips ever?


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My friend was barely keeping up in class. If she kept going this way she would fail the course. So she reached out for my help.

She said, “I don’t understand the lectures; what should I do?” I replied, “I’ll help you; let's meet once a week and study together.” This gave her reassurance and it also gave me a chance to study at the same time. A win-win situation.

Once a week we met in the library for an interactive study session. She would teach me half of the lecture and I would teach her the other half.

You might be wondering, “Why did I ask her to teach me?” That’s because teaching other people is the most effective way to learn. If she could teach me the material, then it meant she understood it. If she got something wrong, I was there to correct her. And during the process I was also learning.

She went on to pass the course and couldn't stop smiling for days.

I challenge you to find someone whom you can teach.


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Optimize your brain and routine with these 5 tips that can boost your concentration and retention power of what you study.

1.Avoid procrastination

1)Keep your study materials organized. 2)Keep positive attitude. 3)Know “How to study”

2.Make study a ritual

By making study a ritual, it allows you to focus better, concentrate on the topics more efficiently and lead you to specialization as well (More output in less time).

3.Apply study techniques

1)Make TODO lists.2) Review what you studied. 3)Prepare short notes. 4)Use mnemonics: Create associations and connections while studying something.

4.Block distractions

You can’t sail in two boats at a time. Block all the distracting stuffs and activities which hinder study.

5.Develop healthy habits

It doesn’t mean if you’ve to study, you’ll study at the cost of your physical and mental health. Here are 4 things which you should implement properly.

1)Sleep. 2) Exercise. 3)Eat well. 4)Visualize what you want.
1) 睡眠2)锻炼 3) 吃得好4)清楚自己想要什么