Sherry is in her internship now. Last month, she bought a lipstick which she really liked.

This lipstick cost her more than 50 dollars. It's not cheap, but it made her happy, because it was the one that she had been longing for for a long time.

Every morning, when she puts on her makeup, everything seems brand new due to this lipstick. It feels like that the whole day is full of hope.

Sherry has long been accustomed to rewarding herself through shopping.

And this desire for material possession drives her to work hard.

She feels good about this. Her life keeps getting better all because of this kind of desire.

But her mother thinks quite differently.

Several days ago, Sherry went back to live with her parents for a while. After her mother came to know the price of the lipstick, they had kept quarreling  for almost a whole day.

Her mother thought that it was completely immoral to spend money like this, while Sherry thought her mother was totally beyond reasoning.

What Sherry didn't know was that this woman standing in front of her had once been a little girl who had grown up in poverty and starvation.

That little girl could not find enough clothes to wear in winter. And those little desserts you see through the shopwindows were something from another world for her.

That girl needed to learn how to spend every penny as if it were two so that she could survive.

It's just natural that two people can't understand each other, even for mother and daughter, because everybody's experience is different.

Try to be patient to the people around you. Try to get to know them. Try to stand in their shoes.

If you can not listen to people, how can you expect them to listen to you?